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Scoliosis (Lets Reverse the Curve!)

Scoliosis is a curvature to the spine. This curvature can be mild or severe and can be due to a functional or structural cause. In order to describe Scoliosis, we typical use the name of the curvature to identify the type and extent of the spinal curve.

With Scoliosis we have two types. Structural and Non-Structural or Functional. Structural Scoliosis is a permanent condition caused by a number of conditions or trauma. Non-Structural or Functional is a potentially correctable condition caused by a muscular or soft tissue injury.

A = Functional, B = Structural

A: Non-Structural or Functional, B: Structural

A structural Scoliosis is when the bones in our vertebral column are miss-shaped. That is they are not rectangular, but rather wedge or triangle shaped.

Unfortunately, with structural scoliosis the primary treatment options are bracing, wait and see, or surgery.

As you can see from the picture to the left, the vertebral bones are not rectangular, which causes the spine to curve towards the side that is smaller. This will cause a rotation of your spine, your ribs and your sternum, and if severe enough can compress your heart.

Functional Scoliosis however, can be very treatable. Functional Scoliosis causes a rotation in the vertebral bodies due to a soft tissue dysfunction or injury, including a disc herniation.

As you can see with the picture to the right, the vertebral bodies have maintained their rectangular shape, even thought the spine is twisted. This is a functional Scoliosis not caused by a structural change. This is a treatable and potentially reversible condition.

We are able to provide Functional Scoliosis treatment that can help reverse or correct the pathomechanical curve through four therapy methods.

1. Spinal Manipulation.

2. Electrical Stimulation

3. Electrical Acupuncture.

4. Exercise

With Functional Scoliosis the muscles that are in spasm, and causing the rotation of the spine are typically very deep. Due to their location they are extremely hard to activate while preforming general and routine daily exercises. Because of this specialized electrical stimulation must be used in combination with exercise protocols to activate the weak and inhibited muscles.

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- Pictures above taken from Yochum and Rowe

- Video Pictures from 3D4 medical