Food Matters for Recovery! Injury and Recovery Tips by Dr. Jason Mazzarella

After an injury our body goes through 3 stages of repair.

Stages of Repair

1. Inflammation

2. Proliferation

3. Remodeling

In stage 1, inflammation is need for the body to heal, but too much can cause damage, and even increase our pain. Olive oil, Avocados, Fish oil, Flax seed oil, Mixed nuts and fish are goods sources of anti-inflammatory fats that help reduce inflammation. Curcumin from Turmeric, Bromelain from Pinapple, berries such as blue and black berries and cocoa are also good sources of anti-inflammatory foods.

In stage 2, proliferation. In stage two we need to increase energy for healing to occur. This requires a good source of protein, such as eggs, legumes and meat (try to avoid a lot of read meat). Including dietary fats, fruits and vegetables are also important.

In stage 3, remodeling we must continue to maintain a balanced diet, but we also need to MOVE. In this stage the smallest portion of our tissue, Collagen Fibers are forming bonds in our tissue. If we don't put some stress into the tissue at this point, the overall strength and endurance will be compromised. Thus once we are recovered, we can actually be functional weak, leading to pain and increased chance of re-injury.

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