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Car Accident / Whiplash Traumatology Services.

Unique injuries need specialized assessments and treatments. 

Car Accidents - Whiplash

Suffering from an auto accident can cause serious injuries that require drastic medical attention. Fortunately, Dr. Mazzarella, Dr. Marek and our team at the North American Spine Institute have years of experience with helping auto accident victims return their bodies to health.  We have over 40 locations in Ontario that provide the most up-to-date treatment options.  We also offer convenient in home assessment and treatment services. 


Using a combination of advanced rehabilitation techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, combined with chiropractic, acupuncture and proprioceptive rehabilitation our doctors at the North American Spine Institute design a custom rehab program unique for every auto accident victim dependent on their individual risk factors and crash forensics.


While some auto accidents are unavoidable, there are many positive and hopeful solutions for victims at the North American Spine Institute.  Our goal is not to get you back to pre-injury health, but to get you BETER than pre-injury health.

Car Accident Injury

Did you know, 75% of those injured have pain 15 YEARS later.  And if your over 40 years old, that number increased to 95%.  Your choice in doctors has a lasting effect on your health.  Choose Right, Call Today!

12 Week Car Accident Rehabilitation Program
Our program is a 12 week physical medicine rehabilitation program that was developed by Dr. Mazzarella and Dr. Marek after taking over 500 hours of combined Whiplash Traumatology Training and treating over 15000 motor vehicle trauma patients. 

Specialized Testing: Crash Forensics Determines Injury.  By understanding how the body reacts in a collision we are able to make a more accurate and specific determination of injury and treatment need.​

Are all Accidents the Same?

No, motor vehicle accident injuries will vary depending on three primary factors.


  1.  The type of the collision (front end, rear end or side vector crash).

  2.  The risk factors of the occupant at the time of the crash. 

  3.  The crash forensic factors of the collision.


Every person is unique, and every whiplash injury is unique.  Only a doctor with whiplash specific training will have all the tools necessary to provide an individualized treatment program appropriate for your specific needs.

Here are 3 Live Crash Tests that will show different Kinematic Occupant Movements.

Why are doctors training help get you better quicker.

Doctors obtain a general knowledge basis in medical, chiropractic, physical therapy, or occupational therapy school.  Depending on the program, this allows for an indepth knowledge of anatomy, neurology, biochemistry, system physiology, orthopeadics, etc.


Specialty conditions such as Whiplash, Chronic Pain, Brain Injury, Traumatic Stress and Exercise Prescription require additional training as the shear volume of information regarding these subjects is to cumbersome to obtain in a medical program.


The need for specific training is further supported by the authors of the Quebec Task Force on Whiplash Associated Disorders, in which these authors note that specific voluntary post graduate training is required in order to a healthcare provider to accurately diagnosis and treat whiplash.


For a list additional qualified providers please click here.

Dr. Jason Mazzarella's Specific Training

Practical Hands on Training and Experience-ACR Testing: Accident Reconstruction and Investigation 


  • Mock fatal Pedestrian Collision 

  • Mock fatal Pedestrian Collision

  • Dynamic Field Testing: Coefficient of Friction, Skid Distance, and Speed Analysis

    • 4 Wheel Independent Skid Mark Test

    • Full Brake Overlapping Skid Mark Test with Shot Marker Test

    • Rear Brake Motorcycle Skid Mark Test

    • Rear Brake Skid Mark Test

    • Vehicle Yaw Test, with Critical Curve Speed Analysis 


Testing: Live Full Scale Human Volunteer Crash Testing and High Speed Bio-Rid Dummy Vehicle and Pedestrian Crash Testing


  • Pedestrian Vehicle Deceleration Crash Testing

  • Pedestrian Vehicle Acceleration Crash Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Rear End Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Rear End Offset Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Front End Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Front End Offset Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Near Side Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Near Side Offset Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Far Side Collision Testing

  • Low Speed Human Volunteer and Bio-Rid Dummy Far Side Offset Collision Testing

  • High Speed Bio-Rid Dummy Near and Far Side Collision Testing

  • High Speed Bio-Rid Dummy Front End Center and Offset Collision Testing

  • High Speed Bio-Rid Dummy Rear End Center and Offset Collision Testing

Professional Presentations

  • Whiplash Traumatology and Treatment 7 Module Seminar Series 2008-2009

    • American Chiropractic Association 

    • National University of Health Science

    • University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

    • American Academy of Family Physicians

  • Pain Management Treatment Options and Research

    • American Chiropractic Association May 7, 2010

  • Whiplash

    • American Chiropractic Association September 21, 2010

  • Crash Forensics, Injury Biomechanics and Occupant Kinematics

    • Collision Reconstruction Unit - Toronto Police Services.  November 13, 2013

  • Crash Forensics, Injury Biomechanics, Occupant Kinematics and the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain.

    • McMasters Medical School 1st-5th year Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residents and Faculty.  December 18, 2013

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