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The North American Spine Institute is a cutting edge treatment and educational institute.  We have assessed over 15,000 patients, provided over 100,000 patient treatments and have taught Medical Doctors, Medical Specialists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists across the US, Canada and Europe about Whiplash Injury, Whiplash Recovery and Chronic Pain.  Wellness Starts Now!

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March 2017

We our the first clinic in the area to obtain state of the art 3D orthotic scanning equipment.  This allows us to perfectly fit the top or your orthotic to your foot and the bottom of the orthotic to any shoe, skate, boot or athletic wear!

October 2015

Dr. Jason Mazzarella has been asked to co-chair the 1st International Conference on Pain Research & Management 2016, this year being held in Vancouver Canada. 

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